We've enjoyed bringing people, technology and projects together to create stories and solutions.
I've been fortunate enough to produce video since 1991 and I want to bring my ideas to you.

Our Mission

Our goal at Treetop Productions is to help you find creative ways to tell a story. Maybe through a video profile or a webcast.
The goal will always be to find solutions not yet considered!


There are so many opportunities to humanize a story.... and video is a wonderful method of sharing the story. Maybe through a customer's story or an opportunity for your CEO to share a company vision. The goal is to let someone tell the story and evoke a viewer to engage in the story.  Let us brainstorm with you how to best tell your next story.

Building Bridges Between Nations
When Pat Hysko's mother began sponsoring a student from Zimbabwe decades ago, the families began a lasting journey, one that ultimately would bring three youths to the United States to be educated at the University of Kansas.


Live events deserve to be shared with the masses. When planning your next event or press conference consider expanding your audience by webcasting your event. Offering a webcast will increase your reach and help spread your story to a larger audience. 


KU Chancellor Douglas Girod introduces KU Athletic Director Jeff Long at Long's first press conference July 11, 2018

Thanks to the KU Alumni Association for hosting the live webcast of the McCollum Hall implosion. And a special thanks to Kansas Geological Survey staff, Laura Furney, Zak Stremel.....and especially John Stockham for making the webcast successful. We look forward to seeing the KU strategic plan come to life.